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Travel Back in Time, with a Blackface Guitar Amp Replica from Achillies Amplification

From legendary guitar heroes like Stevie Ray Vaughan and Roy Buchanan, all the way to modern hard rock hero Josh Homme (of Queens of the Stone Age and Them Crooked Vultures), many, many musicians have made their name off the loud, commanding sound of the more .

Find the Perfect Tweed Guitar Amp Replica, at Melbourne's Achillies Amplification

Between the late 1940s and the early 1960s, America's Fender Musical Instruments Corporation captured a big portion of the guitar amp market with a line of so-called 'Tweed amps.' Tweed was an is a generic term, used not as an actual product name, but as a description of the more .

Once You Try a Vintage Guitar Amplifier from Achillies Amplification, You'll Never Go Back!

At Achillies Amplification, we believe that once you try one of our vintage guitar amplifiers, you will never want to go back to another brand again. Combining the design flare and ingenuity of more .

Achillies Amplification: Providing Vintage Replica Guitar Amps in Australia Since 2006

Attention all students of audio and rock 'n' roll history: Achillies Amplification is the place to go if you are looking for vintage guitar amps in Australia. Since 2006, we have been working out of a single location in Melbourne to provide customers with more .

Looking to Build Your Own Amplifier? Pick up an Unloaded Vintage Guitar Cabinet from Achillies Amplification in Melbourne!

Maybe you are building a custom guitar amplifier to capture a specific sound you are going for with your band. Perhaps you dropped an older amp, and the cabinet was damaged, but the speakers are just fine. In either case, there's a possibility that you need a more .

Shop with Achilles Amplifications for Truly Detailed and Unique Fender Replicas, Plexi Replicas, and Marshall Replicas

If you are a professional musician, budding songwriter, or just a huge lover of music and equipment, finding professional quality amplifiers is an absolute must. However, most amplifier replicas are extremely expensive and after investing in a purchase, you want to be more .

Order a Modified Plexi Guitar Amplifier Replica to Suit Your Personal Needs

If you are currently in the process of putting together your dream amplifier, customised and modified to meet your every preference as a guitar player, then Achillies Amplification can more .

Are You Looking to Buy a Vintage Guitar Speaker Cabinet? Contact Achilles Amplification for the Best Options Around

Musicians and music enthusiasts know how hard it can be to find affordable, quality equipment from reputable dealers, such as a guitar speaker cabinet or vintage speaker cabinet. Finding music gear and more .

Achillies Amplification: The Best Place to Buy a Guitar Amplifier in Australia

Ever since 2006, Achillies Amplification has been offering high-quality guitar amplifiers for sale in Australia. Back then, we were operating as a one-man show, a boutique guitar amp vendor that more .

Build the Amp of Your Dreams, with Custom, Unloaded and Empty Speaker Cabinets from Achillies Amplification

If you've been going from music store to music store, trying out different amplifiers but never quite finding what you are looking for, why not build your own? With the help of Achillies Amplification, you can build the amp of your dreams. With our empty speaker cabinets and more .

Buy a Fender Tweed Deluxe Replica Amp at Achillies Amplification

Looking to mimic the legendary guitar tone of Neil Young? If so, then getting your hands on the type of gear he's used throughout his veteran career is a good start. For guitars, there are any number of more .

Speaker Installation Guide

As exciting as it is to receive your new Achillies speaker cabinet, there are some key points we need to address to ensure you get more .