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Plexi Guitar Amps & Amplifiers

Order a Modified Plexi Guitar Amplifier Replica to Suit Your Personal Needs

If you are currently in the process of putting together your dream amplifier, customised and modified to meet your every preference as a guitar player, then Achillies Amplification can help. We specialise in both original amp cabs and replicas of renowned amplifiers from days gone by. Specifically, we build amps to the specs of Fender and Marshall classics, from the Bassmaster to the Plexi amp.

Achillies Amplification is the only company in Australia that offers this kind of replica amplifier service on such a large scale. If you are looking for an exact replica of Fender's legendary Blackface amps from back in the mid-1960s, you can trust us to build that for you. We are, first and foremost, guitar aficionados, and we have spent years getting to know Fender and Marshall amplifiers inside and out. Whether we are working with Plexi amps or Fender Blackface amps, we understand how these amplifiers worked, what made them so appealing to guitar players and how to build high-quality replica versions of them for a new generation.

Modified Plexi Amplifier Replicas

We don't always just build spec-for-spec replicas of our favourite guitar amps, though. On the contrary, at Achillies Amplification, we also enjoy trying to improve classic amplifier designs so that they provide better sound and efficiency for modern players. Sometimes, that means switching out the wood used in the amp construction to ensure superior acoustics. Other times, it means figuring out how to cut down on the unnecessary fuzz and buzz of an amp—as is the case with many of our Fender 'Tweed' amp replicas.

When we build replicas of Marshall's Plexi amplifiers, we like to offer our customers the option to modify and customise the amp to suit their preferences. We offer four basic Plexi amp models in our replica store: two heads, one cab and one combo. The heads include the '66 and '68 Super Lead amps; the cab is the famous 4x12; and the Combo is the beloved Bluesbreaker 2x12. You can have us build any of these Plexi amplifiers for you on a spec-for-spec basis, or you can have us use them as the base for a modified Plexi guitar amp that better plays to your strengths as a guitarist.

For instance, if you are a guitar player who likes to push the volume of his amp, then you might want a modification that boosts the master volume of your Plexi amplifier. If you want to add more distortion to your guitar sound, meanwhile, then you might want an amp with more gain. At Achillies Amplification, we can make both of these modifications to your Plexi guitar amp—among others.

Order Your Modified Plexi Amps Today, from Achillies Amplification!

Are you interested in ordering a modified Plexi amp or two from Achillies Amplification? To learn more about our available replica Plexi amps or the different mods we have to offer, feel free to contact us today. You can reach Achillies either by telephone (0416 055 426) or email (