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Vintage Guitar Cabs & Cabinets

Looking to Build Your Own Amplifier? Pick up an Unloaded Vintage Guitar Cabinet from Achillies Amplification in Melbourne!

Maybe you are building a custom guitar amplifier to capture a specific sound you are going for with your band. Perhaps you dropped an older amp, and the cabinet was damaged, but the speakers are just fine. In either case, there's a possibility that you need a high-quality unloaded vintage guitar cabinet to fulfill your needs. At Achillies Amplification in Melbourne, we provide a range of unloaded cabinets, from cabs to heads to combos. Regardless of what type of amp you are looking to put together, our extensive and high-quality product selection can be your ace in the hole!

Better Construction

When you purchase a vintage guitar cab from Achillies Amplification, you can count on your unloaded cabinet box to meet (or even exceed) your every expectation. In addition to the obvious three categories for guitar cabinets (the aforementioned cabs, heads and combos), Achillies amps can more or less be split into three additional categories: Fender replicas, Marshall replicas and original designs.

Launched in 2006, Achillies Amplification is not just a designer of original amplifiers but is also the business with the largest selection of vintage guitar amp replicas in all of Australia. We've taken classic, beloved amps like the Fender Tweed or the Marshall Bluesbreaker, and built our own replicas based on their specs.

These amps or amp cabinets are not knockoffs. On the contrary, each vintage guitar cab, head or combo offered at Achillies Amplification has been hand-built, hand-wired and built to last. If you purchase a loaded speaker box from us, you will be astounded at the modern tone and clarity that you will get with these vintage amp designs. If you choose an unloaded cabinet, you will easily be able to plug in your existing speakers for a thoroughly unique guitar sound.

Regardless of whether you are using our speakers or your own, you can count on top-level sound quality and acoustics with vintage guitar cabs from Achillies. For Fender replicas, we use premium radiata pine to ensure superior sound; with Marshall replicas or original, in-house products, we use Russian Baltic birch plywood. We pay a bit extra for both types of wood, with the goal of providing our customers with a better product. In other words, we're never cutting corners.

How to Find the Right Unloaded Vintage Guitar Cabinet through Achillies Amplification

If you are shopping for an unloaded vintage guitar cab through Achillies Amplification, there are two ways you can find the perfect amp box. The first way is to call our Melbourne store location, on 0416 055 426. The second is to visit our website, at

Once you've found your way to the unloaded cabinets page on the Achillies site, you will be able to pick from the three aforementioned categories: combo cabinets, head cabinets and speaker cabinets, or cabs. If you're looking for a Bluesbreaker or a Tweed, check the combo page. If you are after a Marshall Plexi amp box, you'll find it in the head cabinet category. Replicas of Marshall's 1960A and 1960B models, meanwhile, are in the speaker cabs category. Other replicas are scattered throughout the different categories, so be sure to browse each page for additional details on our vintage guitar cabinets!