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Brett Kingman - James Reyne



   "Achillies Amps make the finest 

    period-correct classic amp    

    replicas that I have ever had the

    good fortune of trying - and I’ve

   tried tons of them. Labros also

   builds custom amps based on his

   and his customers ideas. He will

   work and communicate with you             

   over the entire build process and

   if changes need to be made at a

   crucial stage or even after the

   build has been taken by the

   customer, they are made without

   fuss. For the record, I run a

   globally renowned Youtube demo

   channel so the equipment I use

   has got to be the best. The very

   best. My viewers rely on it. That’s

   why I choose the Achillies 

   Blackface replicas - in particular a  

     Vibrolux Reverb replica - to deliver

   a pure and classic tone base for

   many of my pedal demos.

The best costs a little more, but Labros doesn’t build his amps to be cheap, he builds them to be good. And they are."


Brett's Gear 


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                          Blackface Vibrolux Reverb                                                                              Priam 1x12 Greenback