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Achillies Amplification: The Best Place to Buy a Guitar Amplifier in Australia

Ever since 2006, Achillies Amplification has been offering high-quality guitar amplifiers for sale in Australia. Back then, we were operating as a one-man show, a boutique guitar amp vendor that sold directly to customers and didn't even have a physical store location. In 2014, we expanded our operation, launching an online store and giving customers more opportunities to buy our guitar amplifiers. Now, after nearly a decade in business, we have quietly grown into one of the best places to buy a guitar amplifier in Australia.

A Wide Variety

What really sets Achillies Amplification apart from other stores that offer guitar amplifiers for sale is our variety. Many guitar stores or guitar amp companies in Australia will do one of two things when it comes to building up a product inventory. On one hand, if the company is a brand that makes their own amps, then they will only sell their proprietary products. The goal, obviously, is to drive consumer attention to the company's original amplification products, without distracting those customers with other brands or amp designs. Most guitar stores, on the other hand, will have a wider selection of amps, but will still stick to three or four main brands as their specialties.

When you come to Achillies looking to buy a guitar amplifier, you get a different kind of experience. What we offer is a hybrid experience, of sorts, between what the boutique amplifier brands are offering and what the guitar stores are offering. All of the guitar amplifiers we have available for sale are made in-house, by our skilled and experienced team. However, we are able to offer a wide variety of different amp products because we sell both our fully original amp designs and amp replicas based on classic amplifiers from companies like Fender and Marshall.

The result of this dichotomy—between original products and replicas—is a guitar amp selection that spans 60 some years of ingenuity and evolution in the sound and design of the guitar amplifier. No other guitar amplifier vendor in Australia offers such a range of guitar amplifiers for sale in one store.

Buy Your Hand-Built Guitar Amplifier Today

The other thing that sets Achillies Amplification apart from the competition is the care and attention to detail we take with each and every amp we build. Whether you buy an original guitar amplifier from us, or a replica of a classic Fender Tweed amp, you can rest assured that it bears the finest craftsmanship on the market. We hand-wire each amplifier and make a point to use only the finest components. Replica amps are built based on the exact specs of the original—though we can also offer modifications, to give those classic designs a modern twist.

Bottom line, if you are looking to buy guitar amplifiers in Australia, visit us at Achillies Amplification today. From our product variety to our expertly crafted amplifiers, we promise that you will be 100% satisfied with your shopping, buying and ownership experience. Visit us on the web at to learn more.