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Q. Do you make empty combo and head cabinets for other brands of amplifiers?


We do not have the capabilities to offer this sort of service due to the huge demand for our own Achillies branded products.


Q. Do you make custom cabinets?


Yes, you may pick from our current amplifier and speaker cabinet lineup, and we can tailor the appearance with any of our available covering and grill cloth colours. The size and appearance of our items cannot be changed or adjusted to fit.


Q. Do you service guitar amplifiers?


Yes, however we only bring our own Achillies amps in for complete servicing or upgrades.


Q. Is it possible for me to visit the workshop to discuss colour options?


Yes, you can schedule an appointment with the builder to discuss your requirements in further detail.


Q. How can you assist me with the colour possibilities available on your website?


On the Custom Options page, you'll find a wide selection of all of our options on offer . You can see all of the colour selections, and clicking on the icons will enlarge them to a new page for a better view.


Q. Can you recommend any tolex and grille cloth combinations?


Yes, we can organize and help you with any type of combinations and also recommend colour combinations that have previously worked successfully.


Q. What are the operating voltages of your amplifiers?


When you place an order, we double-check the country of delivery and verify the proper operating voltage before starting production on your amplifier. Each product has a drop down menu that allows you to pick all voltage possibilities.


Q. I made an online purchase but did not receive confirmation.


When you place a purchase online, our automated system sends you an order confirmation to your email address. Please double-check that you entered the proper email address and check your spam folder as well.


Q. What is the estimated delivery time for my order?


While we make every effort to finish all orders on time and in a timely manner, this is not always possible. We require a minimum of 10 weeks for manufacturing, however this may be extended if parts are delayed. Please send us an email if you have any more questions about when you should expect your order to be completed.


Q. Is it possible to cancel my order?


You have a 7-day change of mind period once you make your order. Your order will not be refunded or exchanged beyond that date as we commence the build as your order has been processed.


Q. Is it possible to change the colour of the grille cloth or the covering on my order?


Please contact us via email first. Changes are only possible based on the state of construction. It can be arranged if the covering has not yet been installed. If the product has been completed and you want to changed to your preferred colour, there will be an additional cost for removal and reinstall.


Q. Can I request for the badge to be removed or not Installed during production?


No, because the emblem is attached to the brand name, we do not offer the opportunity to remove it. We provide our customers with a high-quality product, and the Achillies emblem stands for quality. As a result, we do not allow products that are not tagged or that do not have the Achillies badge to leave our workshop.