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Buy Vintage Guitar Speaker Cabinet

Are You Looking to Buy a Vintage Guitar Speaker Cabinet? Contact Achilles Amplification for the Best Options Around

Musicians and music enthusiasts know how hard it can be to find affordable, quality equipment from reputable dealers, such as a guitar speaker cabinet or vintage speaker cabinet. Finding music gear and equipment that looks good might be easy, but finding quality, high-end equipment that sounds better than you’d expect can be more challenging to find.

However, most musicians in the Melbourne area have heard of the well-kept secret of Achilles Amplification. This local distributor has been selling equipment like guitar speaker cabinets directly to the public since 2006 and recently launched an online store to showcase their available music catalogue. If you are searching for high-quality musical equipment, Achilles Amplification can help.

Achilles Amplification – Providing High-Quality Vintage Guitar Speaker Cabinets and More

Achilles Amplification has been helping the public receive access to high-quality music equipment for nearly a decade. Achilles Amplification is the place to turn to if you are looking to buy a speaker cabinet that you need to ensure is of high quality.

In addition to speaker cabinets, Achilles Amplification also sells amplifiers, tweed amps, blackface amps, plexi amps (and speaker cabinets), tweed deluxe amps, unloaded speaker cabinets, Fenders, and Marshalls.

Their online website has a catalogue of quality speaker cabinets, amps, and other accessories to browse with prices included. Their site also has a unique “compare selected” feature, which allows you to compare two different cabinets to highlight their differences and distinct offerings.

Reasons to Buy Speaker Cabinets from Achilles Amplification

One of the main factors that set Achilles Amplification’s speaker cabinets and amps apart from other providers is their close attention to detail and custom fabrication. They focus on using the absolute best materials available, regardless of prices, to ensure they produce only the highest quality product, one that exceeds customer expectations. When you buy from Achilles Amplification, you’ll be receiving a unique, highly detailed product that will truly showcase your love of music.

In addition to the detail oriented service, Achilles Amplification also cuts out the middleman by selling directly to the public. Instead of distributing through stores where customers would pay a markup price on all cabinets, Achilles Amplification services the public directly, cutting out these additional fees. So, while you’ll pay for the quality, as expected, you won’t be paying any hidden profit fees that music stores and distributors often charge.

If you are looking to buy high quality, not overly pricey music equipment (such as cabinets), Achilles Amplification located in Melbourne and now online, has the supplies you need. Achilles Amplification will always ensure your products are detailed and perfected before selling them to you, and all amps, cabinets, and other equipment is guaranteed to be high quality. If you would like to browse their selection online, take a look at their catalogue and compare items by visiting Still have some questions? Give them a call at 0416 055 426.