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Custom, Unloaded & Empty Speaker Cabinets

Build the Amp of Your Dreams, with Custom, Unloaded and Empty Speaker Cabinets from Achillies Amplification

If you've been going from music store to music store, trying out different amplifiers but never quite finding what you are looking for, why not build your own? With the help of Achillies Amplification, you can build the amp of your dreams. With our empty speaker cabinets and your favourite speakers, you can find a sound and look that has previously only existed in your head!

Achillies Amplification: Building Custom Speaker Cabinets Since 2006

Achillies Amplification has been building amplifiers and speaker cabinets in Melbourne, Australia for nearly a decade now. Over the years, we've grown from doing small custom amp jobs to creating our own amplifier lines. We are also known throughout the country as a dependable source for affordable, high-quality replicas of the amplifiers that companies like Fender and Marshall were manufacturing in the 1950s, '60s and '70s. Our replicas are built based on the exact specs of the original models and hand-wired to ensure you get a top-notch product.

While Achillies has branched out over the years, we are still passionate about building beautiful, custom speaker cabinets for our customers. We offer both our original designs and some of our replica models, not just as fully wired and ready-to-go amplifiers, but also as empty, unloaded speaker cabinets.

Regardless of which type of empty speaker cabinet you prefer (you can take a look at the varieties we have available by visiting our website), you can rest assured that every Achillies Amplification product has been built with care and by hand. We also use the best materials available to ensure that your custom speaker cabinets shine, from Russian Baltic Birch Plywood (perfect for both aesthetics and acoustics) to traditional dovetail joinery (ideal for a strong, durable amplifier).

Finally, Achillies Amplification offers numerous colours for each amp style so that your custom speaker cabinet reflects who you are as a musician and a person. Just add speakers, and you'll be ready to rock and roll.

Customise Your Unloaded Speaker Cabinets by Shopping with Achillies Amplification Online

Are you ready to invest in a custom speaker cabinet for your next musical project? To get started, head to our unloaded speaker cabinet page at the Achillies Amplification website (you can find this page at Then, follow the steps below to pick out an empty speaker cabinet and turn it into a beautiful custom-made product.

  1. Pick the category of amp you want. We have unloaded cabinet options for speaker cabinets, head cabinets and combos.
  2. Select the specific amp style that catches your eye. For instance, if you chose a combo cab, you might go for the Super Reverb 4x10—based on Fender's famous Blackface-era guitar amp.
  3. Choose your custom options! Most amps will allow you to select custom colour options for both the Tolex (the vinyl material used to 'upholster' the amp) and the grill (the front speaker cover).

If you have any questions as you customise and order your empty speaker cabinet, contact Achillies Amplification at