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Fender, Plexi & Marshall Replicas

Shop with Achilles Amplifications for Truly Detailed and Unique Fender Replicas, Plexi Replicas, and Marshall Replicas

If you are a professional musician, budding songwriter, or just a huge lover of music and equipment, finding professional quality amplifiers is an absolute must. However, most amplifier replicas are extremely expensive and after investing in a purchase, you want to be sure they work as well as expected.

For many musicians searching for specific amplifiers (such as Fender replicas, Plexi replicas, or Marshall replicas), a large amount of time and effort is spent researching the best suppliers, trying to find the best deals, and scouring reviews of each item’s quality.

If you are looking for a trustworthy and reputable supplier of Fender replicas, Marshall replicas, Plexi replicas, or other famous amplifiers, look into shopping with the highly regarded Achilles Amplifiers.

Who is Achilles Amplifiers? Supplying Top Quality Fender Replicas and More

Achilles Amplifiers is a highly trusted and well-reviewed supplier of music equipment from amplifiers to cabinets. They first opened in February of 2006 in the Melbourne area, wanting to provide high-end amplifiers, cabinets, and other equipment directly to musicians and fans. Just last year, Achilles Amplifiers launched their online website and web store, allowing buyers to browse their selection online, rather than travelling to Melbourne.

What Makes Achilles Amplifiers Different from Other Music Suppliers?

While you can find high-quality amplifiers anywhere, the attention to detail and high-quality workmanship is what Achilles Amplifiers is truly famous for. Former customers agree that the small details added to amps are what set the products at Achilles Amplifiers apart from other distributors.

You will also save some money on these unique amplifiers because unlike many distributors of music equipment, Achilles Amplifiers does not sell their products to stores. They sell directly to the public and buyers, reducing the markup price that customers will ultimately pay for amps.

Types of Amps Available through Achilles Amplifiers

Achilles Amplifiers stocks a variety of amps, such as Tweed replicas, Blackface replicas, and Plexi replicas. Their Plexi replicas available online include a variety of super leads and combos, as well as a 4x12 amp. However, customers can work closely with Achilles Amplifiers to let them know what they are looking for in an amp, and can have one created per their request.

Other high quality and popular amps, such as Fender replicas and Marshall replicas, are also available through Achilles Amplifiers. Check out their online catalogue for more information or contact them to receive full catalogue details.

If you are in the market for a quality, dependable amplifier, Achilles Amplifiers in Melbourne can fulfil your request. As a leader of aesthetically pleasing, high sound quality, and durable amps, Achilles Amplifiers will work diligently to ensure your order surpasses your expectations. To browse their online, in-stock collection of amps and cabinets, view their online catalogue at To find out more information or talk to a professional member of the Achilles Amplifiers’ team, reach out to them by phone: 0416 055 426.