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Tweed Guitar Amps

Find the Perfect Tweed Guitar Amp Replica, at Melbourne's Achillies Amplification

Between the late 1940s and the early 1960s, America's Fender Musical Instruments Corporation captured a big portion of the guitar amp market with a line of so-called 'Tweed amps.' Tweed was an is a generic term, used not as an actual product name, but as a description of the rough cloth covering that gave the amps their unique aesthetic. The actual Tweed guitar amps were known by other names, like Bassman, Champ and Princeton.

Fender's In-Demand Antiques

If you are looking for Tweed amps in Australia, you will be hard-pressed to find genuine Fender products for a fair price. Fender stopped using the so-called tweed covering on their amps in 1964, and most of the amp models the company designed during the Tweed amp period have long since been discontinued. There are exceptions, of course: Fender still makes versions of the Bassman and the Champ. However, finding a Fender amp that has both the look and the sound of those early Tweed models is often an exercise in futility.

That is unless you shop with Achillies Amplification. Operating in Melbourne since 2006, and serving Australia as an online retailer since 2014, we specialise in crafting expert replicas of Fender's in-demand antiques. If you are looking for a Tweed guitar amp but want something that is fairly priced and brand new, then an Achillies replica is the way to go.

Finding the Right Tweed Guitar Amp for You

At Achillies Amplification, we haven't just taken the basic stylistic look of a Fender Tweed amp and mimicked it for our own twist on a classic. On the contrary, we've taken the entire Fender Tweed line and recreated it for a new generation.

Our range of Tweed guitar amplifiers includes replicas of Fender's Bandmaster, Bassman, Champ, Deluxe, Deluxe Quad, Princeton, Pro, Reverb Unit, Super, Twin High Power, Twin Low Power and Vibrolux lines. Each model has been based upon and built to spec around the original. In other words, if you owned a Bandmaster back in the 1960s, you will be astounded by how much our replica looks like your old Tweed guitar amp.

Of course, we've also taken the past 50 years of technological upgrades and evolutions and used them to improve upon what Fender did back then. Our premium radiata pine cabinets provide superior acoustics while Jensen speakers give these Tweed amps the balance between punch and tone that every guitar player needs. Add other adjustments that improve the efficiency and reduce the fuzz and buzz, and our Tweed guitar amps at Achillies Amplification offer the best of both worlds: retro aesthetic, modern sound.

If you want to browse Achillies Amplification's selection of Tweed guitar amps, or see what each amp can bring to the stage, check out our website at Whether you are looking to sell out big-venue shows with a band or reach the next level as a solo artist, you need a great amp to do it. When you shop with Achillies Amplification, a great hand-built amp is precisely what you get—regardless of whether you choose to go for a replica or try out one of our original product ranges.