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Vintage Guitar Amplifiers

Once You Try a Vintage Guitar Amplifier from Achillies Amplification, You'll Never Go Back!

At Achillies Amplification, we believe that once you try one of our vintage guitar amplifiers, you will never want to go back to another brand again. Combining the design flare and ingenuity of past amplifier brands with the benefits of modern technology, we can offer a classic, retro amp look with a crisp, contemporary sound. For guitarists looking to set themselves apart from the crowd, either live or in the studio, there's no easier way to impress than with a vintage amplifier from Achillies Amplification.

About Achillies Amplification

Achillies Amplification got its start back in February 2006, as a one-man, direct-to-public retail business. Back then, we didn't even have a store location, but we did have an immense passion for guitars and sonic amplification. In addition to building original amplifier cabinets in-house, we also made a name for ourselves by building beautiful, great-sounding replicas of older amplifier models.

Since we learned the art of amplifier design and construction from old products like the Tweed or the Blackface—amps that Fender-designed back in the 1950s and 60s—it made sense to build our own replicas of these vintage guitar amplifiers. To this day, we build up-to-spec replicas of these beautiful older amplifiers, complete with a few updates to make them more energy efficient and better sounding than they were back in the days.

In other words, when you shop with Achillies Amplification, you get the best of both worlds: beautiful amp design and tried-and-true construction, modern craftsmanship and materials. The end results are vintage amplifiers that look and sound so good that all of your friends will surely want one. Indeed, once you try an Achillies, you might just be ready to trade in the rest of your gear, simply because you will never want to use another amp!

Original Vintage Guitar Amplifier Designs Also Available

If you are looking for an original design concept, instead of a Fender or Marshall vintage amplifier replica, Achillies Amplification has a range of those to offer, as well. Because we are students of classic amp designs, all of our original amps still have a retro aesthetic flare to them. However, these designs are also 100% unique in sound, tone, and appearance.

Regardless of which Achillies-brand amplifier you choose—our original cabinet ranges include the Typhon, the Nemesis, the Priam and the Creon—you can count on a few things. First of all, every amplifier built at Achillies Amplification uses only the best parts and materials. For instance, all of our guitar amplifiers are built using either premium radiata pine genuine Russian birch Baltic plywood. Some competitors will use Chinese Baltic birch to save money, but the Chinese variety does not provide the same level of acoustics or sound quality.

Secondly, all amplifiers sold at Achillies are hand-built and hand-wired right here in Australia. So whether you are looking for replicas of vintage guitar amplifiers or original designs, you can rest assured that each product we sell has been subject to the same quality control and intense attention to detail.

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