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Blackface Amps - Guitar Amplifier

Travel Back in Time, with a Blackface Guitar Amp from Achillies Amplification

From legendary guitar heroes like Stevie Ray Vaughan and Roy Buchanan, all the way to modern hard rock hero Josh Homme (of Queens of the Stone Age and Them Crooked Vultures), many, many musicians have made their name off the loud, commanding sound of the vintage Fender Blackface amplifier. Today, most of Fender's amplifiers boast the 'Blackface' aesthetic, but not necessarily the design or sound that made the amp style famous back in the 1960s.

Luckily, when you shop with Achillies Amplification, you can travel back in time to 1964, when guitarists first got the chance to make their instruments sing through the speakers of a Fender Blackface guitar amp. Though Fender discontinued the original Blackface amp cosmetics all the way back in 1967, we at Achillies are still keeping them alive today. With our expertly crafted Zephyr Series amps, you'll feel like you stepped back into the golden age of blues and rock 'n' roll.

Authentically Built Blackface Amps

If you are the kind of guitar enthusiast who still looks back romantically at when Stevie Ray Vaughan used a pair of 1964 Blackface amps to change the way people thought about the guitar, then Fender's more modern amps might not do it for you. Of course, there are elements to the tone and power of more recent amplifiers that are worthy of praise. When it comes to Fender, though, it's doubtful that the company will ever top the amps they built in the 1950s and 60s, during the Tweed and Blackface eras.

Fender may not be building those types of amps anymore, but Achillies Amplification is. Indeed, we offer the Zephyr Series amp to guitarists in Australia, built completely to the specs of the 1964 original.

Inside and out, this beautiful amplifier is a perfect compliment of one of Fender's most famous vintage guitar amps. We have gone to extreme lengths to capture the look and sound of the original Fender Blackface amplifier, from the acoustically rich radiata pine construction to the traditional dovetail joinery. The same is true of our Zephyr Head amplifiers.

An Unshakeable Commitment to Quality

How can you be sure that your Zephyr Amplifier from Achillies Amplification isn't just another cheap knockoff? How can you trust that we are really trying to deliver a superior product to our customers, instead of just capitalising on a popular antique for a quick cash grab?

Since first getting started in 2006, we at Achillies Amplification have earned a reputation for our unshakeable commitment to quality. We are, deep down, just guitar enthusiasts like our customers are. We have a passion for the products that we offer, which means that we just aren't willing to deliver lower quality products to save a few bucks. Instead, we invest in the finest materials—from the wood to the wiring to the speakers—to deliver amps that look great, sound great and last for years and years. Trust us – once you try a Zephyr guitar amp from Achillies Amplification, it will be the only amp you want to use.

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