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Claude Carranza - The Black Sorrows / Kids in the Kitchen


   I play in probably the hardest touring
   band in the country...we often play      
  upwards of 200 gigs a year, so I play
  a lot of different amps..but it is always
  special when I get to play my own
  Achillies Amps..pure pleasure in fact..
  they have all the ingredients of a truly
  great amp...warmth, tone and of course
  the right amount of volume to suit any      
  players needs. Labros is constantly
  looking for ways to improve his amps
  and has modified several of mine.
  Whenever I play Achillies Amps I have  
  people come up to me ..punters and
  professionals ask what I am
  playing through and I always refer them
  to Achillies Amplification.
  I should point out that apart from the
  great sound , Labros's amps also
  possess one of the most important
  characteristics for a busy musician...  
  RELIABILITY !!...I have never had any  
  issues with my Achillies Amps...they
  always turn on and deliver.  
  I would have no hesitation in highly
 recommending Achillies Amps to any serious musician looking for what I believe to be the perfect amp..The range of amps is astounding...literally something for everyone... or in my case..several somethings. Needless to say the service and support Labros provides is faultless. Add me to the growing list of extremely satisfied Achillies Amplification customers. Claude Carranza


Claude's Gear

               cl8.jpg                       dsc-3269.jpg  

                       Tweed Champ                                 2x Tweed Bassman's


                  pl5.jpg                     dsc-1432-copy.jpg

             JTM45/100 Hendrix Voiced                    Plexi 4x12" Greenbacks