Argos 4x10 Slant

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Argos 4x10 cabinet

Go old school with the Argos 4x10 cabinet – the perfect rockin’ complement to the Argos head!

The 4x10 shares the classic characteristics of the original vintage Bassman 4x10 layout, which was renowned for tighter low end, creamier midrange and more subtle brightness in the top end – which all points towards delicious midrange grind for rhythm work and leads that really pop through the mix.

Offered in a closed back format, the Argos 4x10 is perfect for rock and blues, with unmatched clarity and articulation for single note riffs and runs, whether clean, mid or high gain.

As with all Achillies cabs, the Argos reflects a no compromises approach to quality – voidless Russian Baltic Birch, traditionally dovetailed with metal handles and corners, wired to your specifications. The Argos is offered standard with Celestion G10 speakers to maximise the unique feel and tone of the Argos amplifier.

Please view the Custom Build page for our Tolex and Grill cloth options.

  • Closed back design
  • Constructed with Russian Baltic birch ply
  • Traditional Dovetail joinery
  • Side recessed steel bar handles
  • Removable castor's included
  • Large Rubber feet (bolted through cabinet)
  • 66 x 65 x 30 cm
  • Proudly Hand built in Australia.


We only use Authentic Russian Baltic Birch Plywood on all of our cabinets. Not Chinese baltic birch which does not have the same acoustic properties and sound quality. 

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