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Patch Cables

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Product Description

We pride ourselves on quality at Achillies – right down to our smallest product.

Achillies Patch Cables are constructed from the same premium Mogami W2524 20AWG cable, Switchcraft jacks and 4% silver solder as our Instrument cable. 

Achillies Patch Cables are available in 8”, 10” or 12” lengths, meaning total flexibility in your pedal layouts.

Adding Achillies patch cables to your pedalboard will ensure your bypass signal sounds as clear and pure as plugging in directly to your amp! No loss of high end, microphonic noise or problematic connections – just rock solid reliability and 100% crystal clarity.


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    Patch cables

    Posted by Tony on 18th Jun 2023

    A/b ing what I was using with these is night and day, I can hear better high end clarity with a lower noise floor, they are extremely well made too. They are literally the best I've ever used in 40 years of playing