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Priam 1x15

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Introducing the Priam Series 1x15 Speaker Cabinet, the pinnacle of musical power and individuality. 

When used in conjunction with a set of 12" or 10" speakers, a 15" speaker's punch and precision are unquestionably outstanding. However, it's more crucial that the speaker be placed in a cabinet that is properly sized to take use of its maximum capabilities. The Priam 1x15 was created with the same construction process and degree of quality you would expect from the Priam family of cabinets in order to offer the 15" speaker with the best tone and punch possible.

The cabinet, which is made of 15mm plywood and strengthened with dovetail joinery, may hold any 15" that we offer after your purchase. You may customise the appearance anyway you like with the variety of tolex and grille cloth options available.

Open/Closed Back Feature.

Creon and Priam series are the only cabinets designed to allow you to have a closed or open back removable panel. We have carefully tuned the cabinet to have this option and in addition can be ordered in a fixed closed or open back feature. The design of the removable panel is interlocked by a patented center "V" groove to give you a clean look and the convenience of having less screws to remove. 

Please click here to view our Tolex and Grill cloth options.



  • Constructed with 15mm Russian Baltic Birch Plywood
  • Traditional Dovetail joinery
  • Side recessed steel bar handles
  • Metal Corners
  • Large Rubber feet (Bolted through cabinet)
  • 75 x 33 x 56.5cm
  • Proudly Made in Australia.


We only use Authentic Russian Baltic Birch Ply on all cabinets. Not Chinese baltic birch which does not have the same acoustic properties and sound quality. 


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