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Apollo B45

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Apollo B45

One of the larger siblings of the Achillies Apollo family, the B45 runs two 5881 output tubes for 45 watts of commanding textured blues and rock tone.    
A case in point for versatility, the B45 is capable of full frequency clean sounds which place it high on the list as a pedal platform. As the volume and compression increases, this amp barks raw drive and laps up boost pedals to really take it over top for classic American rock.
In conjunction with these time-tested characteristics, the B45 employs a GZ34 rectifier tube and either a quartet of 10-inch or two 12-inch Jensen AlNiCo speakers for the ultimate in compression, sag and punch. For single coils and humbuckers alike, the B45 delivers. 


5F6-A Features:

  • Custom Wound U.S.A Transformers
  • Output Power 45 watts
  • Output Tubes: 2x 5881
  • Preamp Tubes: 2x 12AX7, 1x12AY7
  • Rectifier: 1x GZ34
  • Available as
  • Combo 4x Jensen P10R Speaker
  • Combo 2x Jensen P12Q Speaker
  • Unloaded (Please note baffle type at checkout)
  • Master Volume (Optional)
  • Switchcraft Jacks and Plugs
  • Carling Switches
  • Achillies Power Caps (Made in Germany)
  • Sprague Orange Drop caps
  • Carbon Comp Resistors (Allen Bradley)
  • Chrome Dipped Stainless Steel Chassis
  • Authentic Hand Wired Layout
  • Cloth Covered Solid Core Wiring
  • Authentic Tweed Cloth Covering
  • Lacquered Nitrocellulose coating
  • Oxblood W/Gold Stripe grill cloth
  • Premium Select Pine Cabinet with Birch Ply Backs and Baffle
  • Traditional Dovetail Joinery
  • Proudly Hand Built in Australia


Now offering half power output option. The switch is located between the tubes below the chassis away from sight to not disturb that original look.

A wide selection of grill cloth and Tolex colors to choose from as well as handles to suit. Please refer to our custom color chart for actual color samples. Please click here to view our Tolex and Grill cloth options.

We are now offering our international fans a selection of line voltages for your location. If its not listed, we most likely can offer it. Please send us an email for more information at


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    Apollo b45

    Posted by Joe Rosmini on 12th Dec 2021

    A few years ago I asked Labros to build me a tweed bassman in a 2-12 cab using el 34 tubes. it is still my favourite amp. Despite owning an original 59 basman, 2 early original fender brownface amps and a Vox ac30 clone. I also own one of Labros' Band master clones. A sensational amp. In my humble opinion Achillies builds the best tweed replica amps. I've owned a bunch of highly regarded tweed amps from US, but sold them in frustration as they dont sound like the originals and don't have the same tonal characteristics.

  • 5
    Apollo B45

    Posted by Claude Carranza on 1st Dec 2021

    This was the second amp Labros ever made me. I loved it so much I asked him to make me another one. This is a great all round amp. I did ask Labros to add a master switch option which has been really useful. Here's a link to me playing it with a Tube Screamer and a Wah at the Palais in St Kilda.

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    Great Reproduction of the Bassman

    Posted by Martin on 4th Nov 2016

    I like boutique craftsmen, and have come to realise many great musical products are made even better when constructed by companies such as Achillies Amplification. This is my second Tweed amp from Labros, and it did not let me down. And as a side note you can request it in your own colour which I really liked, and make it individual to you which is a nice touch. Besides a quality product, Labros was great with customer service and communication, and I am happy to recommend Achillies amps to my friends.