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Hydra 4x12

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Product Description

The Hydra Series 4x12 ported speaker cabinet is ahead of its time and designed in such a way to deliver more tone than just a standard quad box. The mids and bass are well balanced and articulate with smooth low frequencies when playing clean. At mid volume or when cracked for dirty sounds its not so boomy as a fully enclosed 4x12, although very tight and compressed bottom end with plenty of body and definition to every note you play. Highs are the same and will not effect the mids no matter what speaker you choose. 


  • Front Ported design
  • Constructed with Russian Baltic birch ply
  • Dovetailed joinery
  • Side recessed steel bar handles
  • Removable castor's included
  • Metal Corners
  • Large Rubber feet (bolted through cabinet)
  • 79 cm (H) x 73 cm (W) x 34.5 cm (D)
  • Proudly Handcrafted in Australia.


We only use Authentic Russian Baltic Birch Ply on all of our cabinets. 


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    Openness with thump.

    Posted by John Sankowsky on 8th Apr 2020

    I just got my Hydra 4x12; Baby Blue Bronco tolex,white grill cloth, white piping, unloaded from Achillies just 5 days ago. Firstly, beautiful colour on the tolex side of things and with the white cloth and piping just makes it look so old school. But the look belays the sound of the cab. Very open but capable of the good old quad "thump" when pushed. I obviously had to install the speakers but little did I realise too, the speaker cable was all in there that I needed for the job as well. All I had to do was solder it all together. AND castors were supplied for the cab too. Brilliant!!! I love the design of this cabinet. It truly is a work of art. The build quality was evident when I opened her up to install the speakers. I believe Labros is onto something here tone wise. A quad sound that has width to the tone. Not so directional. Top marks.