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Nemesis 2x12

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The Nemeses Series 2x12 speaker cabinet is stepping out in style with the old school persona and capturing classic rock grooves. Immaculate all round for that smooth sparkling sound.  These open back cabs are especially designed for those who prefer surround sound quality with added clarity.

Please view the Custom Build page for our Tolex and Grill cloth options.


  • Open Back Design
  • Constructed with Russian Baltic birch ply
  • Traditional Dovetailed joinery
  • Side recessed steel bar handles
  • Metal Corners
  • Large Rubber feet
  • 75 x 55 x 28 cm
  • Proudly Handcrafted in Australia.


 We only use Authentic Russian Baltic Birch Plywood on all of our cabinets. Not Chinese baltic birch which does not have the same acoustic properties and sound quality. 


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    Unbeatable quality.

    Posted by Gavin Spratt on 26th Nov 2021

    In addition to my Nemesis 2x12 review, I just want to highlight the build quality of Labros' work. His cabs are built from the finest materials and to the highest standards. And specific to these Nemesis cabs are the sunken Achillies logo. It looks flat out amazing! In my experience, Achillies cabs are the best cabs on the market. Check out the Nemesis 2x12's growl, bloom and clarity in the vid below:

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    Great cab for immersive sound projection.

    Posted by Gavin Spratt on 26th Nov 2021

    I owned a Nemesis 2x12 cab for a few years before deciding to upgrade to a 4x12 cab. I decided on a pair of Celestion Creamback 65 speakers for it. The Nemesis is a sweet sounding cab that excels at rich, sparkling clean tones. It spreads sound around the room without getting out of control. Even under high-gain. This is an incredible achievement for a semi-open back 2x12 cab. The Creamback 65 speakers were a little soft in the lows at first, but after a few weeks of high-volume usage they broke in nicely and started sounding their best. See my video below showcasing the Nemesis 2x12 handling high-gain with ease through my Edwards LP detuned to Drop C.

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