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Typhon 2x12

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Product Description

Typhon 2x12 is an articulate, tight, focused and present speaker cabinet that features a smooth resonance, due to its mild mid-range spike. When using a clean amp, it is clear and crisp with an organic, natural response that really shines and cuts through. Gain-driven amps sound smooth and are voiced with a thick distortion and tight response, while the mid-range bite allows it to cut through on stage or in the jam room. Armed with V30 speakers, it has a slight “British” cab flavour with a bit of brightness in the upper-mids, however it still retains the famous voicing of the “American” style amps. The low end response is tight while preserving an open characteristic.

The Typhon is produced with brilliant birch construction, solid metal handles and creates a compact cab. This lightweight and slimline cab also comes with the option of detachable castor wheels in addition to rubber feet.

Please view the Custom Build page for our Tolex and Grill cloth options.


  • Closed Back Design
  • Constructed with Russian Baltic birch ply
  • Traditional Dovetailed joinery
  • Side recessed steel bar handles
  • Metal Corners
  • Large Rubber feet
  • Self Switching output jacks
  • 60 x 73 x 33 cm
  • Proudly Handcrafted in Australia.


 We only use Authentic Russian Baltic Birch Plywood on all of our cabinets. Not Chinese baltic birch which does not have the same acoustic properties and sound quality. 


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    Typhoon 2x12 Slant

    Posted by Damon Daniel on 29th Feb 2024

    I have owned one of these now for several years now and it hasn’t missed a beat. It still sounds awesome! Lots of positive feedback from fellow guitarists.

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    Typhon 2 x 12

    Posted by Simon Stack on 5th Dec 2021

    I ordered two cabs, one with G12M greenbacks and the other with G12H creambacks. A great combination to the 4 x 12 Argos I also purchased which gives a great spread and accentuates the mids with a tighter bass.

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    Achillies Typhon 2x12 Cabinet

    Posted by Adam Friend on 30th Nov 2021

    Following the new release of this brilliant new product I thought it was time to post my experience: The Achillies Typhon 2 x 12 cabinet is articulate, focused, present and tight. It has a mild mid range spike yet has a natural resonance. I use mine with a PRS Archon 100 in 50 watt mode and it is clean and crisp on the clean channel with an organic response that cuts through. On the gain channel, it is smooth and thick yet has a mild mid range bite with a tight response that cuts through the live mix. It has a slight Marshall Cabinet flavor, yet still retains mostly American Cabinet characteristics (Mesa, etc). It is day and night different to my Mesa Recto Cabinet (Mesa V30s) and seems warmer to my ears. The low end response is tight yet retains a slight open character, allowing crisp clean and thick gain to punch through. It has a brighter tone compared with the Mesa Cabinet yet adds a nice contrast to it. The cabinet construction is compact, slimline and solid with attachable castor wheels yet fixed rubber feet. In my view the Achillies Cabinet enhances clean and dirty channels of the PRS Archon.

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    Typhon 2x12

    Posted by Ryan on 30th Nov 2021

    This speaker cab sounds massive and opened up the sound I was getting from my Mesa Express Plus. My speakers are the V30 and creamback combo. Everything now sounds warm, tight and articulate. The build quality is on point and the whole process from initial chat to order to receiving was flawless.

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    Solid build quality. Massive wide sound for a 2x12.

    Posted by Jasper Dunn on 14th May 2020

    I bought this versatile cab to go with my Dual Rectifier. The V30s sounds warm and clear for cleans, bitey and mean for lead and chugs like nothing else when required. The cab projects well and is relatively easy to carry upstairs or fit into a car. The craftsmanship and dedication to quality are outstanding and the customer experience working with Labros and Achillies is next level. I highly recommend any gear that they make.