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Product Description

The X-CAB SWITCHER is the tool you need to integrate any two speaker cabinets into a single amplifier. Simply attach your speaker cables to the unit's sides to reach the speaker cabinet, then send the top plug to the amplifier. Depending on the impedance of your cabinets, the switch needs to be installed in series or parallel to match the output impedance of your amplifier. For instance, two 8 ohm cabinets in series equal a 16 ohm total load, more examples below.

Switch Set to Series 

2x 8Ω Speaker Cabinets = 16Ω Load





2x 4Ω Speaker Cabinets = 8Ω Load




Switch Set to Parallel

2x 16Ω Speaker Cabinets = 8Ω Load



2x 8Ω Speaker Cabinets = 4Ω Load





Hand wired using 16 gauge core wire throughout and an easy-to-read panel laser engraved on all aluminium, this device is highly durable. Made in Australia