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Zephyr 35 Combo

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Product Description

Zephyr 35 Combo
The 35 is almost the middle child in the Zephyr family, but there’s no middle child syndrome here! This circuit sports two 6L6’s in the output section, driving 35w of luscious Californian mid-scooped tone through two 10” Jensen Vintage Ceramics, one 12” or, for the ultimate in tonal flexibility, one of each! 
The Zephyr 35 circuit shares similarities with the 40 and 45 Zephyrs, so, if you’ve got an energetic drummer in your band, or simply want a little more of that lush clean headroom than the 15 or the 22, to really allow your drive pedals to open up, then the 35 may fit the bill perfectly! 


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Hand-wired circuitry throughout.

Output Power: 35 Watts

All-Tube Spring Reverb and Photocell Tremolo - Foot-switchable. 

Speakers - 2x10” Jensen C10Q 8Ω 35w

Traditional Dovetail Joinery Cabinetry.               

Hand Signed Certificate with Production Number                                                                            


Standard Features

Cloth Covered Solid Core Wiring Throughout

Custom Wound U.S.A Transformers

Output Tubes: 2x 6L6

Preamp Tubes: 2x 12AT7, 1x 12AX7, 3x 7025

Rectifier: 1x GZ34

External Switching RCA Jack- Foot switch Included

Cabinet Material - Premium Select Pine, Birch ply backs and speaker baffle

Voicing - Left Channel Clean - Overdrive, Right Channel Clean - Overdrive with Reverb and Tremolo

Black Bronco Tolex covering with optional colours available, Please see our custom options page

Aluminium Silk Screen Control Panels

63 x 24.5 x 45.5cm (24-3/4" x 9-5/8" x 18”)  19kg (42lb)







FR4 Eyelet Boards to tolerate heat and noise 

Accutronics Spring Reverb Tank 

Optional Line Voltage with wall plug ready for your country 

Speaker Output Impedance 4Ω

Extension speaker output jack wired in parallel

2 channels - Two Inputs per channel Hi and Lo Jacks

Hand Made True Photocell Tremolo - by Achillies

Channel Controls - Left Channel - Bright Switch, Volume, Treble, Bass. Right Channel - Bright Switch, Volume, Treble, Bass, Reverb, Speed, Intensity

Adjustable Fixed Bias

Brass Ground Plate

All Tube Reverb and Tremolo Circuitry

Achillies Black Gold Capacitors (Made in Germany).              

Sprague Orange Drop Capacitors.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Optional Features

Head and Combo Available

A wide selection of tolex covering, grille cloths, and handle colours are available; for a complete list of all the possibilities, please see our customs options page.

Organic True Bypass Series Effects Loop. No passive components involved so your tone remains the same. 

Half Power output option. The switch is hidden from view beneath the chassis, in between the tubes. With this setting, the amp's power consumption is reduced by 40%.

Reverb and Tremolo modification available to both channels

1x 12” Jensen C12Q speaker or combined 1x12” C12Q & 1x10” C10Q, more speaker options available upon request.



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    The Real Deal

    Posted by Rick on 2nd Dec 2021

    Absolutely love my Achillies Amp it so dynamic. This amp really brings out the True Tone of your Guitar like no other amp I’ve owned or played through. I guess its because of the quality of the parts and being hand wired . The build quality is outstanding.

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    Zephyr 35

    Posted by Rangi on 29th Nov 2021

    I bought one of these custom made in seafoam green tolex. I've played and owned probably 20 amps and this is now sitting in my top four keepers. I went for this for the circuit it has but also because its nice and light yet has enough power for the drummer which a lower wattage amp wouldn't but this does bedroom levels well also. There isn't a lot of need for 100 watts and over 30kg anymore either. The build quality on this is very good including the internals. I forgot what it was like to have perfect new pot controls and good tapers, reverb and vibrato are flawless. It's got that sound that's so dependable and good that has you wanting to play and hear more which is what a good quality amp should do. I don't like the sound of a lot of todays modern amps since they aren't so articulate. I wouldn't hesitate to choose one of these over other amps.

  • 5
    zephyr 35

    Posted by TAIGI on 31st May 2021

    Best amp ever for fender replica.

  • 5
    My dream amp

    Posted by Simon on 10th Aug 2018

    Only had my Vibrolux Reverb 2 days now but I just love it. Perfect size and power for what I need...starts to get beautifully crunchy around 5 on the dial with my old Dearmond Dynasonic pickups. Amazing reverb and tremolo...this amp can do everything I want from it. I put this amp up there with my old (now sold)' 64 Fender Twin Reverb except this amp will break up so I guess its even better! Amazing job Labros...very happy customer right here.

  • 5
    A marvellous amp ! Un ampli merveilleux !

    Posted by Cyrille on 11th Feb 2017

    First a big Thank You to Labros for his patience and precious help ! This amp has such a beautiful sound and a wonderful look. I am so happy with it. I didn't have much time to use it because It arrived 4 days ago, but I must say that I'm impressed by its pure, lush and warm sound. With my telecaster, I could get that twang ! D'abord un grand Merci à Labros pour sa patience et son aide précieuse ! Cet ampli a un si joli son et un look merveilleux. J'en suis si content. Je n'ai pas encore eu le temps de beaucoup l'utiliser parce qu'il est arrivé il y a seulement 4 jours, mais je dois dire que je suis impressionné par la pureté, la richesse et la chaleur du sonriche, beau, propre, merveilleux. Facile d'obtenir le twang avec ma telecaster !