Zephyr Series

All Achillies Amplification Zephyr Series personify commitment to quality.

Standard features include steel chassis, CTS potentiometers, aluminium control panels, original pattern stamped ends, correct component position including Allen-Bradley carbon comp resistors, Sprague orange drops, with our very own Achillies branded power capacitors for the ultimate in tone stability.

Only knot free Radiata pine is used across the Zephyr range which allows the cab and speaker to resonate as one. Dovetail joinery and authentic Black Bronco tolex and aged grill cloth ooze vintage tone – these amps are the benchmark as pedal platforms, but also simply comes alive and sing when cranked.
The Achillies Zephyr range are simply top shelf handmade and handwired instruments unto themselves. Whether used for cleans, drive, reverb or tremolo, these amps are inspiring and completely addictive to play and will shoot straight to the top of your "must-have" list!

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  • Zephyr 85



    Zephyr 85 If you want commanding tone comprising maximum clean headroom, authoritative lows and…

  • Zephyr 15



    Zephyr 15 A holy grail amp, the Zephyr 15 will transport you straight to the tones of authentic…

  • Zephyr 35



    Zephyr 35  The 35 is almost the middle child in the Zephyr family, but there’s no middle …

  • Zephyr 22



    Zephyr 22  Truly a player’s ‘desert island amp’, the Zephyr 22 is almost the …

  • Zephyr 45



    Zephyr 45 You’ll hear the inspiration for the mid-60’s influenced Zephyr 45 on classic …

5 of 5 Items