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Zephyr 40 Combo

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Zephyr 40 Combo

If you really want to get that greasy Texas Boogie going on, then the Zephyr 40 should be your first pick. Using the hallowed AB763 circuit, this amp “floods” 40w of output via 2x 6L6 tubes into an 8Ω 1x15 C15K Jensen for sweet Southern tone to the bone.  

We also have Special SRV Options available called Texas Inferno, including a second channel option with Cesar Diaz mods and a higher output transformer plus solid state rectification for increased punch and headroom.  

If that's still not enough, all Zephyr amps come with our standard choices, which include Effects Loop, Half Power Switch, Reverb, and Tremolo via our Signature Achillies Tremolo Optocoupler (you won't get that authentic 3D throb from a pedal!). 

The Achillies Zephyr 40 – this amp is made to sing the blues!



  • Custom Wound U.S.A Transformers
  • Output Power 40 watts
  • Output Tubes: 2x 6L6
  • Preamp Tubes: 2x 12AT7, 1x 12AX7, 3x 7025
  • Rectifier Tube: 1x GZ34
  • Carling Switches
  • Achillies Caps (Made in Germany)
  • Sprague Orange Drop caps
  • Carbon Comp Resistors (Allen Bradley)
  • Aluminum Silk Screened Control Panels
  • Authentic Hand Wired Layout
  • Cloth Covered Solid Core Wiring Throughout
  • Black Bronco Covering as Standard
  • Aged Black/White/Silver grill cloth as Standard
  • Premium Select Pine Cabinet with Birch Ply Backs and Speaker Baffle
  • Traditional Dovetail Joinery
  • 64 x 51 x 27cm (24-1/4" x 20" x 10-1/2")
  • 25kg (55lb)
  • Proudly Hand Built in Australia


Additional Custom Features:

  • Half Power output option. The switch is located between the tubes below the chassis away from sight.
  • Tremolo and Reverb available on both channels.
  • Organic True Bypass Effects Loop. No passive components involved so your tone remains the same.
  • Transformer Upgrade for that beefy Texas Tone.
  • Texas Inferno Mod inspired by Cesar Diaz as offered for Stevie Ray Vaughan Amps.
  • Solid state Rectifier Switch for immediate attack and stability at high volume.


A wide selection of grill cloth and Tolex colors to choose from as well as handles to suit. Please refer to our custom color chart for actual color samples. Please view the Custom Options page for our Tolex and Grill cloth options.

We are now offering our international fans a selection of line voltages for your location. If its not listed, we most likely can offer it. Please send us an email for more information at


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